"A room without books is like a body without a soul." ~ Cicero.

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." ~ Cicero.
"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." ~ Groucho Marx

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have been looking for P.S., I Love You by Cecelia Ahern since long - Got hold of it last Tuesday at a cheap bookstore in Golpark - time flew after I started reading it - when I read the last bit of it on Tuesday(this week) evening, I could not remember when was the last time that I have completed a 500-page book in a week!!

I thought the writing was extraordinary in parts.. and pretty mediocre in others.. but the story is a wonderful one!! It is just THE thing for emotional people like me - I could relate with it so so much!! At times, I was wondering - How come the writer has penned my thoughts and feelings so vividly- at times, it was indeed like reading my own diary -- Holly's feelings, thoughts, dilemmas, insecurities, and a lot more seemed so similar to mine -- not often do we get our hands on a book with which we can identify so much!!

Holly's journey is a journey that many of us make - single and lonely in a world full of couples - with memories of happier times with someone who is no longer with us for some reason or the other - clinging on to the past and not wanting to move on - not knowing how to feel when siblings and friends go through life's happy milestones - some of us shut ourselves in our gloomy shells, others try to live life with an open mind - some sure that life will have something to offer us too - some very unsure of everything...
It indeed helps to have letters like those Gerry left Holly- things which can help us to hang in there, to go through the unbearably dark days with something to hold on to, to have something to look forward to! But not all are as lucky to have such a guide-- they have to be their own guides, I guess..

I must thank Cecelia Ahern for a story like P.S., I Love You - I could not have read it at a better time -- I felt a strange void when I came to the end of it --It has been a good friend telling me things which my real friends may sometimes hesitate to tell me...

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